A week of firsts, for me.

I started posting here, and have so far really enjoyed it. I linked to something for the first time, embedded a couple of videos, and generally feel like I’ve acquired a new skill.

I also started an art history course, on Monday night, as part of my commitment to seeing what happens. I’m really excited to see what comes from it, that I can talk about here, but for now one thing really stood out.

The tutor posited a notion that, of everything, only art addresses the its own creative process as part of the output.

When I suggested this was purely a post-modern, reflexive self-referential thing, she threw cave paintings into the mix. There’s a theory that says the display of these thousands-year-old markings in deep dark caves suggests they’re more art installation than pure representation.

I love that. It sounds preposterous, that of all human endeavour only art does this, but now the idea’s with me I can’t shake it.