So, tonight, an account that I run at my agency is up for an award. (By the way, is it out of turn to talk about this sort of thing? Too self-regarding?)

It’s a campaign that’s close to my heart, as the subject of earlier post on creativity in schools will probably attest. At MEC we run the account to recruit teachers, and it’s something I’ve been working on for the best part of 3 years now.

At its heart, the campaign is (I think) a distillation of loads of thinking around the subject of behavioural economics. I mention it here because the crucial aspect of this realm of thinking for teacher recruitment is getting people to DO, rather than think, something.

Everyone is convinced that teaching is an important / rewarding / challenging job, and even a career for them (at some point, in some way). The challenge for communications is to get people to do something about it. Often, behaviour can precede attitude, not just follow it.

Our campaign has been built around that idea. All the agencies involved have worked to intervene in the decision-making process in some way, to break it up into smaller chunks. So, instead of ‘should I become a teacher’, we wanted people to be asking themselves ‘should I look at this film of a teacher?’, or ‘should I read this blog?’, or ‘should I join this facebook group?’, or ‘should I go this event?’

They are easier questions to say ‘yes’ to. But if people do say ‘yes’ to them, they’re more open to consider the bigger question.

I would like to think it might win – but I guess I’ll have to, er, see what happens….