So, in the end, the Media Week awards was a bit of let-down – from a personal perspective, at least.

The entry I’d written for TDA didn’t get anywhere near a victory, and all around MEC towers had thought it would do pretty well.

Last night, though, was the IPA Effectiveness Awards. The TDA entry was co-written with (very clever) agency colleagues of mine at DDB.

I basically feel pretty chuffed today, as it won a Gold Award. It also won the prize for the Best Multi-Channel paper, and also the Best New Learning award.

Interestingly, quite a bit of the news today about the Awards focused on how well a few public sector campaigns had done. If spending money in this way can actually be effective, what does that mean for the Tories apparently uncontested view that marketing is wasteful?

In the next couple of days I’ll post something about the ideas behind the paper itself.