Before I add my customary hyperbole to new technologies I haven’t seen before (it’s magic, don’t you know), two quick caveats:

  1. I might be very late on this, and there’s loads of buzz about it already. In which case I apologise for acting like the 50 year old who still talks about ‘the facebook’
  2. I might be overstating its magic for the people who matter – ie people who don’t work in the marketing or advertising industries, and are therefore not falling over themselves to be the first ones to find shiny new technologies they can impress their paymasters with.

If this passes those two tests, then this idea from wireWAX is BLOODY AMAZING!!!!

Basically, users/brands can tag videos, including people (generally, it seems, models who are wearing cool clothes you can buy), and things  (in the main, also clothes that you can buy).

Here’s a grab of  a film full of lovely models sporting fashionable clobber. Click on the hotspot, and you’ll see deets of the clothes.

Or, this lovely one for EMI – moody video, click on the hotspots and you get more info/content on Laura Marling tracks

Or, for proper socialness, how about this thing with someone (who I think is supposed to me famous – clearly not the right audience for this one!) being challenged to get as many outfits from H&M for £100. Within the film the tagging allows you to look at the clothes, but also become a friend right there.

It literally adds a whole new layer to video on line. As long as brands stay the right side of utility and entertainment, I think we’ll see more of this very soon. Expect youtube content, facebook films, even pre-roll VoD advertising to start incorporating this very soon.

Looking forward, though, to seeing how much people like it in, you know, the real world (caveat #2)

That is, if we’re not already past that stage (#1)