Part of the reason I started writing this blog was because I believe that trying to communicate something can be the key to understanding it.

We don’t always know what we want, or think, until we start trying to capture it in writing, in discussion, or any other externalised method of communication.

I think we forget this sometimes, and can be a bit unforgiving of people (ie clients) who try their hardest to outline what they want from agencies, and then aren’t quite so keen on our responses.

I wonder if we ask that of ourselves – could we be in turn more disciplined with the way we elicit work from the people around us? This doesn’t mean being more prescriptive of course, but it might mean being more empathetic about the kind of stimulus people might need to produce brilliant work.

With that in mind I include here this great deck from Dare Digital. Make sure you download it from slideshare, notes intact. A great read, and some valuable techniques.