The way different types of agencies are dealing with the future reveals something about their current differences, I think.

First, here’s an ad agency response  – fundamentally they remain about ‘making things’. The nature and shape of those things will probably change beyond all recognition, so the extent to which ad agencies remain the first port of call for clients is their big challenge

It’s a deck from a BBH innovation chap, talking about how collaboration will become the key to innovation.

And, because agencies already have license for ‘make and do’ in this space, it’s fertile ground for them to help clients be more innovative in a way that still allows for them to add value (and make revenue)

The claim to conjure with is probably this: “creating value from earning customer effort will be the most disruptive force in business over the next few years.”

On the other hand, media agencies focus on the audience angle. How to reach them, what they want, what will turn them off. PHD has just released an ad to celebrate its 21st birthday, where it challenges marketers to up their game in the way they respond to consumer expectations.

Here it is:

Whatever you think of it, it’s nice to see a media agency articulating their worldview in something they’ve made.

The disparities between different agency types might remain in the way they see the future, but will they stay separate once we’re actually in it?