You know what, I love a good ‘how to’.

More than that, I love a ‘how to’ that breaks down the head-spinningly confusing waves of new ideas and innovative stuff we see day after day into memes that make some sort of categorical sense.

Even more than that, I love ‘how to’s that manage that, and also give you bucket loads of examples that neatly fit into these categories, and perhaps deftly empower the agency person with an opportunity to evidence the brave new world that their client might be a little bit nervous to jump into.

Especially when they put it on slideshare for you.

I think that’s pretty good. And, frankly, pretty helpful for stuff to go an look into.

This is stuff from 22squared. Not heard of them, but it seems they’re also doing some smart research at the moment. You know how everyone you know has a smartphone? And you know how they’re always looking at it, as if it might at any minute give them a news flash of immense importance (but is in fact bleeping out just another push notification from facebook)?

Well, these guys have realised that this constant need for incoming ‘action required’ messages might also provide the perfect conditions for an otherwise impossibly intrusive survey exercise. People are asked about the kind of conversations they’re having with other people about brands and services, and then 22squared are correlating those conversations with brand interactions of different types.

So, mobile devices are becoming an interesting way of capturing the context, and therefore the real intent, of people’s actions.

Which I thought echoed the points I made about BJ Fogg and Persuasive Technologies here. And also seemed to underline an ongoing belief of mine that most supposed ‘insight’ gleaned from paid research is largely elicited from people sat in comfy chairs reminiscing and rationalising about things they thought at a time (and place, and mood, for a reason) a long way away from the moment their thoughts are recorded.

But, most people seem happy to have some numbers they can compare with category norms, so what do I know…?

Anyway, here’s 22squared’s take on the ROI of social. Just like their other deck, well worth a look.