When Rockmelt first launched I thought it looked amazing. A synched-up socially-fuelled info-saving browser that would filter the online world just the way you wanted it.

Did I get that wrong? It looked awesome, I think, but was it a layer of connectivity too far, too soon?

I downloaded it, but never used it.

I think at heart that’s because I haven’t quite taken the ‘connect’ plunge yet – everytime the words ‘allow access’ pop up in some facebook widget my brain manages to read ‘all personal information available to everyone forever’. Some people see this as a good thing. I’m still reticent.

Anyway, seeing this new film of Rockmelt’s iPhone got me thinking: are people using Rockmelt?

You might say: perhaps you should investigate this before writing a post on the subject.

And you’d probably be right. Memo to self – look into the whole Rockmelt uptake thing…

Anyway, for now, here’s what it looks like on the iPhone. Doesn’t feel anywhere near as world-changing as the PC/Mac browser looked on first sight.

And yet, now it’s mobile, maybe its route to constant connectivity will find a bigger audience, as it helps fulfil Rockmelt’s social potential.