Or, when you’ve just bought your monthly travelcard at your local Underground station, what are the top 10 reasons you DON’T want to be exposed to this question?

  1. Because I obviously forgot to do that before I left home, so I’m doing it now, at the station
  2. Because a month is a long time, so in the time since you asked me, I’d forgotten that this was even a possibility
  3. Because I didn’t have time
  4. Because Sunday night is the end of the weekend, not the start of next week
  5. Because I have three children, and other tasks are just more salient while I’m still in the house
  6. Because the time to renew has fallen on the Monday after half-term, and getting out of the house was as ambitious as my hopes for this morning got
  7. Because I live my life not always thinking – or able – to check whether my month’s travelcard has run out
  8. Or that what little top-up I had was used with that slightly tipsy Friday-night tube ride home where I obviously wasn’t paying attention
  9. Because I’ve grown used to stuff like ‘10% battery left’ and calendar alerts and push notifications and other things that are slowly chipping away at my capacity and need to think or pre-plan for myself
  10. Because after Oyster and open data and Check Before You Travel and geo-targeting and smartphone ubiquity and Near Field Technology you’d forgive me for thinking that surely – surely – there’s an app for that?