Yes, it’s another Dead White European Male making his appearance on this blog.

I think I might need to broaden my reading habits.

I’m sure you’ll know of William Blake. His most famous artwork all looks a bit like this.

And he’s famous for writings like these.

I read these words about him the other day. I thought they were great.


Blake was in no sense a ‘Romantic’ artist, like those of the next generation, who despised trade and tended to withdraw from the urban turmoil of finance and competition.

He was a lower middle class tradesman, a mystic intimately involved in the world of commerce and craft. In that sense he remained much closer to the people whom he wished to address in his work, and in that lifelong career of arduous labour perhaps there is something grander and more heroic than the lucubrations of the Lakeside poets.


They seemed to capture perfectly something about why we tend to prize ‘doing’ over ‘thinking’.

Why getting in amongst it is preferable to staying locked inside ivory towers.

And why ‘ideas’ needn’t be mutually exclusive to the world of business.

It’s just he was doing it about 250 years ago.

If you want to know more, do read this: