Two quotes that have stuck with me from things I’ve read this week.

Both mean the same thing – at least to me.

The first I only read last night.

I can’t remember who said it. I might not even have remembered it correctly.

But I don’t think that matters.

It was in Clive James’ Cultural Amnesia.

Here it is.

Great art begins where grammar ends.”

To me it means you don’t uncover new expression without going beyond the conventional way things are done.

You can’t create without being being seen as wrong.

The other quote is from Dave Trott.

He rails against convention too.

He calls it lazy thinking.

This is how he desribes rules.

The floor, not the ceiling.

If the first quote is exciting but inhibiting, then the second is entirely empowering.

The floor is solid. It supports you.

But if we stayed there all the time life would be very boring.

The good news is that everyone’s already done all the hard work.

They’ve built the platform.

You just need to jump.