The Germans, as is their way, have invented a new word.

It’s a good one – plus it’ll save the advertising community a fair few hours too.

It is Entinhaltlichung.

[I read about it here.]

It translates as ‘Decontentification’.

It’s been coined to describe what people see as the disappointingly anaemic policies being developed by Angela Merkel.

Risk-free, diluted, and with no vision or guiding ‘concept’.

Doing whatever she thinks will please the voters, but losing the essence of leadership in the process.

The Greens in Germany – the challenger brand, if you will – say that politics is a realm that “needs ideals, principles, values and a sense of direction”.

The lack of direction from the leader looks weak-willed and increasingly self-defeating.

It’s nakedly about hoping the people choose the leader again next time.

It’s less about leading and more about not losing your job.

This is not attractive.

People see through this.

Meaning  for those of us in marketing that there’s more than just a new made-up word to learn from this.