As Ian Curtis once wrote:

A change of speed, a change of style. A change of scene, with no regrets.

In other words, I’ve updated the look of this blog.

It was time for a change. I’d stopped liking the font. I’d grown a bit tired of the design. When I thought about what wanted the image to be, I realised I didn’t really want one after all.

I thought it time to lose some of the features in the sidebar that neither I nor anyone else was using.

Over time, whether through laziness or just plain habit, the posts here have started to become more focused on writing. Writing in order to think. They have become less focused on embedding stuff from other places in order to discuss it.

So I wanted a layout that allowed the writing a bit more room.

In the exceedingly unlikely event that anyone arrives here not sure whether they’ve come to the right place, or more likely feels duped into staying because they thought it was somewhere else, I thought I’d record the change.

To quote Bob Dylan:

It used to go like this



And now it goes like this



Otherwise everything is as it was.