I needed to be back in the world and to see things. My writing, in the density of its imagery, is quite expensive in terms of experience, there is a lot of noticing that goes into it and so I had to go back to do that for a while.

Adam Foulds, poet and novelist, quoted this weekend.

So, week 4, then.

2014 is already nearly a month old. More than 7% over. The blank canvas is marked.

As the year starts we all mean to do and see things differently, take time for what’s important, make the most of the inspiration available.

But it’s so easy so lose the momentum that good intent promises.

Work jumped at me like a dog who hadn’t been for a walk all Christmas. It bolted off with me perilously clinging to its lead. I’m hanging on. It’s still fun. But I’ll be knackered if I don’t get the thing under control at some point.

New perspectives are valuable precisely because they have a price attached to them. Time. Deadlines. Other people’s expectations. 

Experience, as Foulds says, is expensive.  Density doesn’t come quickly. Shallow does, but shallow is no good. We need real life and real life takes many forms. It takes effort, empathy and attention.

It takes the time and space required to notice. 

It’s worth paying for.