My name is James Caig, and I’m head of strategy at Isobar in London.

The idea behind see what happens was to live by the ethos I often talk to clients about – learning by doing. I wanted to learn about blogging as I went. I’ve discovered what I think about things largely by writing about them. Having a place to write has helped me find interest and value in more things.

Other planning and marketing blogs will be more rigorous. This is a space where I explore my belief that you can’t be interesting if you’re not interested.

Or, as Joe Strummer put it, ‘No Input, No Output’.

I also write on Medium about other stuff, often music. In 2013 I undertook a project where I wrote about a new piece of music every day. It was called Jukebox Diary and all you’ll find all 189 entries here.

If you want to get in touch you can find me here.